Choose a short passage to practice your accent. You may choose multiple or all. A vocabulary bank has also been included for you, and under it a number of sentences. I think you can easily practice your accent on the bottom half of this page.

The Turbulence Shaft (-TS-) [Recommended for ages 8+]Edit

A ViVid Ghost cannot escape a Turbulence Shaft. Named after the satellite Shade which had turbulence while visiting [the Solar System of Sol/Earth's Solar System], -TS- is a well-manufactured spirit trap. It is built with a metal called Gheroium (GIM) and the pull is made of Bollanic energy, creating Bollan gravity. Bollanic energy is good for pulling things towards a target, but if humanoid particles (atoms of a material containing DNA) meet an intersection of Bollan gravity, they combust.

Satellite Shade [Recommended for ages 10+]Edit

Shade was a weak satellite compared to average astronomical transportation and radiation in and from Michos. Shade produced radio waves that let it search chemicals without disturbing their current state. Unfortunately, some solid, combustible chemicals caused turbulence to Shade, so when it went to search Deaxch, it unfortunately collided with the planet, and caused the planet to [disperse/disband] into large molecules. Each molecule caused anyone within a foot of it to recieve a weak and easily curable disease, either vontoxic, chiloraft, or egnouea.

Buster and Mike [Recommended for ages 7 - 16]Edit

Buster had a puppy. His name was Mike. Buster's puppy had special superpowers. He was able to control time. Mike soon died of his overflowing energy when he once tried to slow down time by 20 hours so Buster could do his homework (he's 15, 8th grade). Now Buster uses an Ocarina to control time. [It's/It is] not the Ocarina of time, though.

Word PracticeEdit

Vocabulary Lists
purchased confounded lectured insisting junction limbs
demand unfortunate predictable computer zebra deserted
bishop archeologist device yonder freckles nocturnal
attractive lumber deuce ogre dubstep media
reality beckon condition forbidden sombrero acre
rickety destination heritage jellybean author octahedron
orphan atmospheric collar evaluation naive metamorphosis
academics caverns dove chocolates coded least
holographic transportation vegetables meteorologist arbitrary mystery
lasso decipher numeric yarn gravitational pancreas
depict acorn destined combined generations relics
Vocabulary Terms
fishing for luck New Hampshire fruits and vegetables reluctant and disapprovingly
DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) electronic devices thy, thou, Him, lord wretched demons, ghosts, ghouls, etc.
Nerf Maverick mass media confounded goons

Combustible Lemons©

catch me if you can Wiki site thirty-six years old

Miss, Mister, Mrs, Doctor


Max Black is back to the racks with a flat Mac hat.

Richard will rendezvous with Walter at Racken's Camp.

Perchance one runs a dozen hundred crumbs, demonstrate anticipation for me?

Never wear a leather sweater under wrecking weather in a desert.

Ready an exquisite anticipation, elegance acts as annexic.

Forborn is torn of poor corn, shore-born sore doors.

Leave brief briefs, need Pete need breeding needles.

Confound you! Confound all you bloody arclookers! You darn eyed cop-nobbing jocs!

May the force be with you, Annie Jacker.

Good for you, now do the dishes and make me a [ sandwich./sammich. ]


If you want to record a sample of your accent practice, credit me either in text or at the end of the recording.