C is for Cookie

Cookatia's flag

The Cookies are an evil species and want to take over the galaxy. They have a powerful empire, they are an enemy to the Pheusians. And they want to take Camelatia first because the Cookies thought they were weak, but on their first attack on Camelatia, when the Cookies landed they have been taken out by Camels hevy artillery! So the Cookies planned to take Snakelatia, and the Cookies succesfuly took Snakelatia and tried attacking Frogalatia. But they were shocked when they saw the Frogs weapons, so the Cookies fled underground, but then they have been slain by the Veezaks! So they had to upgrade their weapons to defeat the other planets. 5 years later they have made extremely powerful technology, they made so much technology that they intoxicated their planet.

Cookatia used to be really beautiful, with lakes forests and mountains but today its nothing but a big pile of ash.

The Cookies are planning to take Milpooia because Milpooia is best known of it's recourses, and the Cookies have nothing at their planet. The Frogalatians heard about their planning so they warned the Milpooians. Then when the Cookies arrived they felt dumbstruck when they saw that the Frogalatians were there too. Then the battle started. Then the Cookies failed to take the planet. Then they lost contact with Snakelatia. The Cookies were extremely angry.

No one knows who the emporer is. Many people tried to find out but they always end up killed. 

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