The Death Disease Plague was probobly the most historical disease plague ever in the galaxy. It all started on the planet of Bondo where a species called the Datian. Datian had very long foreheads and long fingers and were considered one of the most intellegient species in the galaxy, but one stood out. The "Mad Scientist,"as they used to call him, brought deadly viruses "back to life". He created the Plague by sending out plasma signals with the viruses attached to them. After many pulses of plasma the viruses had already killed the scientist and many others have beened killed in a blink of an eye (for a human). The viruses include the Wasp Ration brought from the Ungwai, the Black Seed virus brought by the Lenei, and the Des brought by the Fengin. This plague lasted 3 years and killed more than 4 trillion beings. Some people remember it as the Great Plague.