Elmen Zieust (ɛl-men zuːhst) is the first astronomical scientist in a developed land to ever be recorded in the history of the Mippan System. He was known for discovering the 3 other planets of the Mippan System and Michos's moons. There was even a moon named after him called Elzienst. You can see it on the Moons of Michos page.

Childhood (Elementary/Middle/High)Edit

Elmen was born on June 4, 2231 to Dgen and Della Zieust in a small wooden cabin-like house. He had spent his first 2 years laying in his bed and simply making sure he stayed alive. Once he was 3 years and 2.14 months old, he started learning quickly about the world. Soon, when he grew to become 5, he had enough knowledge to go to school. Elmen went to Elderen Canyon Academy. He stayed there, making many friends for 7 years. When he became 13, he had decided he's learned all he could at Elderen. After graduating from elementary in 2244, he went in search for a good middle school. Finally, in August 19, 2245, he enrolled in Johnnothy Middle and High School. Elmen was among one of the popular geeks in Johnnothy, especially on floors G through 4 (lobby and middle school), as there are 10 floors in all, plus a basement and laboratory inside a large, concrete shed. After he obtained many fans and lots of information about mathematics, literature, astronomy, chemistry, and history, he finally graduated from Johnnothy Middle and High, as did 149 of his other friends.

Teenage/Adulthood (College)Edit

Elmen had went to the Astronomical Science and Machinery Institute in Deevrage, Kiesse in 2255.. Once again, his popularity rapidly rised at ASMInstitute. He owned a single dormitory on the 17th floor, the one for junior scientists, where the dorms were connected to personal laboratories. Elmen stated that the college was "what any scientist could ever wish for as an education." Zieust had been interested in the scientist career since middle school. In his animation class, he had created an animation that described an executive paradox. The whole institute had been so impressed at Elmen's intelligence in the astronomical branch and his advanced skills in the animation program he used, Victor 3D Gen Engine. As a result, he recieved more popularity than he had in middle and high school combined. Even his professors admired him and saw his potential success in the science field. He graduated with a Master's degree in 2270, and went back home to work on a new project: the corporation that would soon be known as MASET, the Michos Astronomical Science Exploration Team.

Later Years (Occupation[s])Edit

To start off his now free life, Zieust joined his brother's small Engineering Support Foundation (ESFo.). Zieust was automatically promoted to Chief Assistant as the 3rd member that joined.