The HT2 Rover

Johnn Steveir testing a Beta version of the HT2 Rover.

is a special research land bot that travels across exoplanets. Artificial Pheusian Johnn Steveir, originally a human, invented the HT2 and HT8 Rovers. Built with 80NBSYS (500 Ninobytes System) Memory, two 20NBSYS front-antennae, and a 40NBSYS filmcam, Johnn proved his 8th Degree (Advanced) in Engineering. The HT2 Rover has been sold in manufacturing stores for prices $2,000 to $2,100. Able to search 52 planets in a month, the HT2 Rover surely outdoes the HT8. (Made the picture in Lego Digital Designer [LDD].)