one of the camels watching over his friend the horse.

The Hunkchins were a old evil camel group, so old that the fight against the camels and the lamas werent born yet.

In the society of camels the Hunkchins were regular camels, but after a few years of being a society, the camels went crazy over takeing over the world and other stuff like that.

Then they started stealing from stores and librarys to get everything they needed to take over, they had stolen computers, guns, explosives, and destructive minerals.

One was caught and torchered until the other camels knew what was going on in the stores and in Camelatia. The camel had no interest in what he was doing with the camels anyway, he thought he had a bad life so he wanted to join them.

The rest of the camels rescued the fellow camel, but the Camelatia warriors held the off. So they all went to jail right when Camwan Base 1 was buit. Then the fight against the camels and the lamas were born.