A picture of an Advisor watching over the wasteland

Innoruk is one of the desolate moons orbiting planet Naric. It consisted of lush forest and wildlife, and was later formed into a manufacturing moon. Innoruk was one of the primary sources for building resources for the planet Naric, until The Great War occured, and a ion bomb was fired at the moon. The moon did not crumble, but the wildlife of the moon was completely destroyed, and the manufacturing centers crumpled. The King sought out to hold this moon, as a strong outpost agains the Ledgions. To stop this problem, the Ledgions created Advisors. The Advisors watched over the wastes, sworn to not leave their post until dissassemblyment. The Advisors roam the ruins of Innoruk, searching for life that lingers in the rubble of the desolate moon.