This is Joffy.

A food made by camels. Okay, Joffy is eaten from probably all the camels in Camelatia, Joffy is actually very very sweet. It is very similar to rice in the real world. So it's just like rice with some peas and a pinch of sugar, you might not like it but the camels love it! It was discovered from a camel named Comy.

Comy found this type of food by studying a tree and later that year he saw these unusal yellow substance [JOFFY] so Comy brought this unusual substance back to his home his mother said you should put it back were it was, that it might be filled with germs.So Comy ran back to the tree to put it back but he tripped over a log and accidently ate a whole quarter of the joffy.

"This is good" he said, so he brought it back to his mother his mother was mad at him for not putting it back to the tree but Comy was trying to explain that this is actually food so Comy put the mother to a test and Comy said if you don't like this I will do all the chores for a whole 10 hours. His mother agreed so Comy put the "food" on the stove and his mother ate it and loved it! That is how "joffy" came to be.