Universities in Michos are colleges that teach a wide range of subjects off the main academic branch.
Numeral Degree Ranking Degree Description
1st Degree Beginner Degree First enrolling in a university
2nd Degree

Basics Degree

Passed basics pre-test and won Million-Chair Lottery
3rd Degree Pre-Median Degree Passed pre-test
4th Degree Median Degree High performance during 3 years
5th Degree Pre-intermediate Degree Concluded 4 total years and won Thousand-Chair Lottery
6th Degree Intermediate Degree Concluded 5 total years
7th Degree Pre-advanced Degree Concluded 6 total years
8th Degree Advanced Degree High performance during 6 years
9th Degree Expertise Degree Passed advanced test
10th Degree Master's Degree Passed mastery test and won Hundred-Chair Lottery
These are the main studies in universities. Students can choose up to 10 studies.
Study Description Career(s)
Medication Medical attention; heal and check on others (health, injuries, etc.) Doctor, Nurse, Field Medic, Privmed
Military Training for war; artillery, firearms, etc. Army Force (Land), Marine Force (Water), Air Force (Air), Intergalactic Force (Space)
Engineering Manufacturing advanced technology and operating machinery, plus programming Engineer, Technician, Inventor, Programmer, Manufacturer
Creative Arts Illustrating and sculpting masterpieces Artist, Animator
Academics Teaching and studying basic academics; math, literature, language, science, and social studies Teacher, Private Mentor, Professor
Science Studying nature, outer space, mechanics, technology, and contraptions Scientist, Teacher, Professor
Cooking Creating foods and drinks up to the most complicated recipes by Gene Baken Baker, Cook
Branding Manufacturing products in general; foods, toys, paper, crayons, etc. Brander, Manufacturer, Cashier, Manager
Authorism Writing texts; novels, plays, documents, nonfiction, and basic programming Author, Programmer, Documentator, Captioner
Filming Filming movies, videos, presentations, etc. with artistic techniques and programs (also animation) Filmer, Mainer, Animator
Forensics/Logic Solving mysteries and practicing attendance for court trials; detective work Detective, Lawyer, Judge, Jury, Coudge
These are some jobs that are exclusive to the Mippan System.
Job Definition
Privmed Gives medical attention to only certain clients
Coudge Supports the judge (co-judge); talks with jury
Captioner Minor career; adds captions to imagery and video