Enceladus- A Tectonic Feast

One of the moons.


It look somewhat like this.

he Ledgion's planet is like earth but it has one mainland and four 100 acre islands. There is the island of wisdom, power, imagination, and time. The islands are open to everyone, but most live on the mainland. It has 2 moons and a set of rings. Plasma is found on the astroids in the rings which is mined for different uses. We think that one moon had life at one time. The moons don't contain life but has breathable gases to the Ledgions. The moons are desert planets, but has many signs of water. The mainland of Ledgion's planet is seperated into four large continents, and each has their own different cultures and languages. They have a superb military and government and both are wealthy. The main planet is home to forests, jungles, an ocean.


The Woodchuckians are a race that live with the Ledgions on the planet. They trade with each other gold for protection. This race looks like woodchucks, but they are classified as a sentienel race. They are in the tribal age. They call spaceships gods.They were made when woodchucks were hit by ion waves. The Woodchuckians like the camels, but hate lamas.

People in the Foreground

The mainland