Veezaks are surprisingly intelligent creatures that live in the depths of Frogalatia. One Frogalatian adventurer reported that he found an underground city with far more technology the the Frogs, he tried to get up close to a Veezak to study it but he ended up with a severed arm. He's been the only person to come out of a Veezak settlement alive. In the ancient history of Frogalatia the Camels ruled, they thought they can defeat anything in their path but the Veezaks came and nearly took the planet in only 4 months. When the Phuesian empire heard about it they came to the planet and attacked the Veezaks. The Veezaks fled underground during the attack. Then the Phuesians left the planet and the Frogs came. No one knows what their doing down their, but they know it might be bad. On the year 8754 the famous adventurer who discovered a Veezak camp had been mudered during a speech in the city of Frokom (the Frogalatian capital). This is what he said in the speech: " I was shocked when I saw it, there were Veezaks building machines and weapons like nothing I ever seen. I tried to get close to one but it pulled out a sword that glowed green and yellow and easily cut off my arm, but luckily I escaped The Veezaks stopped chasing me once I got out of the cave, I don't know why but I hopped away as quickly as possible. The cave was at~. Then they heard something fire and the man fell dead. Everyone noticed he got shot before he explained where the settlement was. For there on the Veezaks became unknown from there on.